One Stop Fall Shopping – Decor for the Outdoor Porch

Who doesn’t love one stop shopping? When I can get everything I need at one store instead of running to multiple ones…it makes me feel so efficient and accomplished 😉

This year I skipped the usual round of local stores that stock up on Fall decor such as Home Goods, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and Joanne’s. My 15 Minute Fall Kitchen shows how minimal I was this year with my Fall decorating. But when it comes to the outside of the home, bright vibrant colors are my go to.

Where to Shop for Outdoor Fall Decor?

fullsizeoutput_ac99This year all my outdoor Fall decorating came from one place, the grocery store.

fullsizeoutput_ac94Bright colored mums and heirloom pumpkins..that’s it.

fullsizeoutput_ac7fThe front of our home has two entrances, the main door which opens to the foyer and one that opens to the mudroom. For the last couple years, I have focused my Fall decor on the smaller of the two – the mudroom entrance.

The outside front entrance is pretty big and on my list of projects. So for now, it’s just easier to style the smaller porch.

How to Style a Single Level Porch

aVh8ld8LSTmmszsyAYUTkgStyling a one level entrance isn’t all that simple. Having multiple steps leading up to the door would make life easier. Layering pumpkins, lanterns and flowers on each step would create that beautiful trailing look but I’ve come to accept the fact that nothing about our home is simple, and I’m ok with that 🙂

fullsizeoutput_ac8dIn the absence of having steps on my porch, it’s up to me to create a layering look. Using cement urns HERE, HERE and HERE of different heights are a great way to achieve the look.

mGvxgVaMT42v3gjISrOnnATwo big beautiful stand out mums take center stage. I added additional layers of heirloom pumpkins in a cement urn with smaller mums off to the side. I decided against a wreath on the door, instead I want to draw attention to the deep hues of the flowers.

My personalized rug from Frontage brings the whole look together.

fullsizeoutput_aca4I wrapped the smaller mums in burlap and tied a colorful wooden leaf to the center.

fullsizeoutput_ac8bLayering, layering, layering.

fullsizeoutput_ac84Combining bright and muted colors with multiple layers made for an easy outdoor entrance.

Do you decorate your entrance for Fall?

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16 thoughts on “One Stop Fall Shopping – Decor for the Outdoor Porch

  1. How beautiful Denise! I’ve always had steps so have never thought about how to do a flat entry. You made it look great – I didn’t even realize it was flat until you said so! 💗 Thanks for the excellent tips, as always! I love it here!

    1. I’m glad you love visiting Happy Haute Home because I love having you Barbara! You are most welcome. I bet your front entry looks beautiful with steps 🙂

  2. Summer is lingering on so I’m not in the mood for fall decorating yet…..we need to get rid of this heat and humidity first! I like those colored wooden leaves on the burlap……and I see some Knock out roses blooming so the deer must be keeping their distance!

    1. I hear ya Joni, we are still having some 90 degree days here too. Mums are delicate and don’t do well in extreme heat – they require water everyday. And yes, the roses are doing much better I am happy to say. But we have another big problem lurking 🙁 I’ll discuss in Thursday’s post. Appreciate you stopping in!

      1. I never usually bother with mums as I have bought them other years and only get a few weeks out of them and then we get a frost and they’re done. I hope your other big problem isn’t like mine (which I will be posting about Wed/Thur) as I am dealing with a huge wast nest in the siding, which has been sprayed by the exterminator but now my bedroom smells so bad I can’t sleep in it and haven’t been for over a week. Apparently it’s the wasp larvae dying off, the decay process accelerated by the humidity of the past two weeks. Also a vole/mole problem – I will check in with you on Thursday!

      2. You’re right Joni, mums have such a short life…but they’re so pretty when in full bloom! Sounds like we have similar issues. I also had a pest service out to deal with our issues. I am keeping our fingers crossed🤞it works!

      3. Oh mine worked, but now I’m stuck with the stench as they were building in the wall/siding. It’s been 2 weeks now and tonight the smell seems worse. The pest control guy won’t come back, says I have to get a contractor if I want to start prying up floorboards to remove the nest etc. I’m at a loss for what to do except wait it out, so I will be checking your blog on Thurs for any tips or suggestions! Apparently it is a very bad year for wasps.

      4. That sounds awful Joni. So sorry to hear what you’re going thru. Our issue is with voles in our flower beds. I hope we are on the way to eliminate them but only time will tell.

      5. Just posted my vole/wasp blog. I had one vole that I know of, and my grasscutter disposed of him, but the exterminator said there are probably more, so I will check for your post tomorrow to see what I should do. He talked to me about rat poison and unltrasonic noise devices etc. I don’t see any gardens being dug up so I’m assuming it was only the one and it’s moved on. I inherited this one from the neighbours as he had a problem last year but got two new dogs so they moved under my deck!

      6. I am heading over to your blog now Joni. Our vole issue is big and I am posting about how to eliminate them. I imagine if you have one, there are many more. They can be hard to detect. This will be an ongoing issue and remedy for many months, check back tomorrow!

    1. Hi Lynn! So good to hear from you. All your paintings are so amazing! I love seeing all your new ones on Instagram! Hugs my friend.

  3. Your porch is breathtaking and it literally left me speechless! The pop of colors those gorgeous flowers create is one-of-a-kind for sure. I love that you didn’t go with wreaths and the usual autumn colors. Instead, you went with your unique style and showcased your cheerful personality and that’s what makes your porch even more stunning.

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