Home Exterior Modernization “One Room Challenge” (Week 3) Priming the Brick

Almost half way into the challenge and I’m feeling pretty good at this point!

My painter’s are doing a great job priming the brick exterior of our home. I am confident they will be finished with all the painting well before the final reveal of the challenge, which will leave me plenty of time to add my finishing touches to the exterior. Did I mention I am really excited about this challenge?!

What is the One Room Challenge?

The One Room Challenge™ is a biannual event every April and October and is currently in its sixteenth season. Each round, twenty design bloggers take the challenge and transform a space. Every Wednesday, the designers document their process while sharing their sources and professional advice over six weekly posts.

The ORC has teamed up with Better Homes and Garden HERE to bring you this highly anticipated event.

My Participation in the One Room Challenge


This round will complete my sixth season of the “One Room Challenge”. So many other talented people are also participating as guests too, please check out their spaces HERE.

Prior Weeks Progress of our Exterior Modernization

This season, I am modernizing the exterior of our home. You can catch up on the details from last week below.

This Week’s Progress (Wk 3) of Our Home Exterior Modernization – How to Prime Brick

61F2AA6B-84E8-48AE-A2E6-3174F47B4359_1_201_aAfter power washing the brick and letting it fully dry, my painters spent several days priming the brick with a good masonry primer.

99FB35EE-A063-4B4D-8B0B-1ABE8D0E0030Every inch of brick on the home was primed; the dwelling, the foundation and the retaining walls.

609C2304-11E2-4908-872E-CC3A3BF40A80.jpegTo ensure the best and full coverage, the primer should be applied with a roller. Using a roller on the brick will get the paint to adhere better to the surface. Once the primer has been applied with a roller, the top coat of paint can be sprayed onto the brick.

1AB6770C-EB24-48A5-9069-87B754FF1F17All the windows, lights and other elements are covered in plastic to avoid getting paint on them.

01F039BF-E3E7-47F2-AEAE-F2E10387A426The garage entry ways are covered in brown paper as the painters continue to prime the brick.

Once the brick is primed, the top coat will be applied with a sprayer in the color we chose. Stay tuned!! Lots more to come!

I should probably be more focused on Fall Decor, but I figure there is plenty of time for that in the future. So for now, you will be reading a lot about exterior painting.

Coming to the blog next week – Things to Think About Before Painting a Brick Exterior.

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7 thoughts on “Home Exterior Modernization “One Room Challenge” (Week 3) Priming the Brick

  1. Oh this is so exciting Denise – it looks fabulous already! If I can’t wait to see the result, I bet you’re really excited! Following along with bated breath! 🙂 💗

    1. It’s so exciting Barbara!!! I love seeing the progress day by day. We live high on a hill and it’s a very dramatic change. I just love driving up our driveway now 🙂 Thanks for following along friend.

    1. So happy you’re following along. This is a huge project for sure. I love the change…it’s very dramatic 🙂

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