Our Foyer Decorated for Christmas 2019 – Double Flocked Trees

Here we are, one week before Christmas, is your decorating done?!

I’m happy to report that I have finished my decorating but haven’t started my shopping 😬. We have a light dusting of snow outside and schools are closed. Let the online shopping commence!

In case you are still looking for a beautiful stand out tree, that needs minimal decorating – I am sharing sources for the flocked trees in our foyer.

At our annual Christmas Party this past weekend, my guests were in awe of these pretty trees. I received so many compliments on them and how beautiful they are..creating a stunning winter wonderland in our home.

Foyer Christmas 2019-17I also shared this picture on Instagram, and received so many DMs about these trees, I want to share my sources for the trees while they are still available.

Foyer Christmas 2019-1These flocked beauties are gorgeous.

*Affiliate links are included for your shopping convenience*

Foyer Christmas 2019-2On their own or with a few baubles, they create a winter wonderland in your home.

Foyer Christmas 2019-3  These stunners come in a variety of sizes, I bought all three 🙂 A 7 1/2 foot flocked tree , a 9 foot flocked tree and a 12 foot flocked tree.

Foyer Christmas 2019-4When I say flocked…I mean FLOCKED..yup in all caps. The trees are heavily flocked to create that winter wonderland look. Yes it is messy but it does sweep up very easily. I just put on my flocking clothes and get to work 😉

Foyer Christmas 2019-5I have the 9 ft and the 12 ft Christmas trees in my foyer, side by side.

Foyer Christmas 2019-6I decorated with all white ornaments and snowballs. For the snowballs, I used these to save money! Clever right?! 😉

Foyer Christmas 2019-7I coordinated the trees with flocked garland on the stair rails.

Foyer Christmas 2019-8The trees come with pinecones and white lights in tact.

Foyer Christmas 2019-9They are stunning in person, I wish I could show them to you.

Foyer Christmas 2019-10  I placed a few white poinsettias in the tree for added dimension.

Foyer Christmas 2019-11Sparkly ornaments twinkle with the white lights.

Foyer Christmas 2019-12Fur ribbon is added giving a more dramatic snowy effect.

Foyer Christmas 2019-13I recently purchased this gorgeous heavy mirror from a friend of mine and it found the perfect home for the holidays behind these flocked beauties. Stay tuned after Christmas to see where this mirror will go…I have several ideas I am working on 🙂

Foyer Christmas 2019-14The reflection is really stunning.

Foyer Christmas 2019-15The reflection on the marble floors is really pretty as well.

Foyer Christmas 2019-16I used five – nine foot garland strands for the railings and wove red and white ribbon into it.

Foyer Christmas 2019-20A nighttime view..

Foyer Christmas 2019-21So magical…

Foyer Christmas 2019-22The third tree, my 7.5 footer is in the family room and decorated with blush tones, can you see it in the distance? That post coming up next



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14 thoughts on “Our Foyer Decorated for Christmas 2019 – Double Flocked Trees

  1. Oh my gosh Denise – that is absolutely STUNNING! (Definitely in all caps!) That’s one of the most beautiful foyers I’ve ever seen, and that’s covering a lot of ground! I’m so totally inspired, I’m going to get a flocked tree for next year! Honestly – you have a gift my friend! 💗

    1. You definitely should Barbara! If you don’t like the heavily flocked look, you can try flocking your own tree. I recommended that to several of my friends this year who tried it with great results!

  2. Absolutely stunning! I love the reflection on the marble floors….it truly is magical! Maybe next year they should ask you to help decorate the White House!

    1. LOL Joni…wouldn’t that be fun! I do get inspired by seeing the White House decorations 🙂 They are magnificent!

  3. PS. You are brave not to have started your shopping so late – you must have faith in your Purolater People! I’m just getting some of the stuff I ordered Cyber-Monday. I like your black dress too – very classy!

    1. I don’t start my shopping until after my annual Christmas party, I’m just not able to focus on it yet. I spent the day at one of the biggest malls in the DC area today…sure was crowded. I left with more stuff for myself than others! UGH! When it comes to online, I only shop if I know I can get it quickly like from amazon or next day deliver. Thank you for the dress compliment 🙂 Hope your shopping is going well Joni.

      1. The best part! I have been been feasting on sweets all week! We had a lot of desserts left over from our party..all so delicious.

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