Spring Porch Decor Ideas and a Peony Garden

Four years in the making, our porch is finally coming into it’s own.

Good things come to those who wait 🙂 Yea…that’s they say…is it true? Probably….but the waiting part sure is hard!

Any good renovation project takes time..unless you have gobs of money to dump all at once, most of us fix up our homes in stages. We plan one project at a time, with a bigger vision of how we want the space to look when all is said and done.

Peony PorchMany of you know that our home was a disaster when we purchased it four years ago. The interior and exterior were both in dire need of repair and love.

Then and Now

Peony Porch-12We have spent a lot of time and money to get our home to where it is today. The exterior of our home has gone through a major change from where it was four years ago. We repaired the flagstone walkway on the front of our home and added all new landscaping.

Peony Porch-11We painted the complete exterior of our home white and added outdoor lighting.

Peony Porch-4The outdoor lighting truly is a game changer!

Peony Porch-3We are in love with the look of our home at night!

Spring Porch Decor Ideas

Peony Porch-2This Spring, I added cushions to the benches we purchased last year. Decorative pillows like these add color to the area. Here is an important tip to remember when shopping for outdoor bench cushions. A 48 inch wide cushion will not fit on a 48 inch bench. When measuring your bench for a cushion, make sure to measure the inside of the bench, not the outside. A 48″ bench takes a 45″ cushion, and yes, I learned this important piece of information the hard way 😉 Measure the depth too, to get as close as you can to an accurate cushion size.

Peony Porch-1The spiral topiaires and garden planters anchor the space and add height to even out the porch and a striped coco mat ties the look all together.

A Peony Garden

Peony Porch-10These beauties have my heart. The gorgeous petals and heavenly scent create the perfect setting for hanging on the porch with a cold drink. A couple years back, we planted 3 peonies on each side of the walkway and they have grown quickly producing so many buds. Did you know that you can cut peonies and store them for later use?

Peony Porch-9Now for a few daytime pictures. Check out who’s peeking out the door!

Peony Porch-8

Peony Porch-7

Peony Porch-6

Peony Porch-5The porch is simple, not a lot of decor and sometimes simple is best.

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    1. I’m so glad you like it Barbara. I stand by my motto of “less is more” – I love simple elegance 🙂

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