How to Keep White Outdoor Cushions Clean

Do you love the clean look of white outdoor cushions? Me too! But how do we keep them looking fresh and crisp?

I think many shy away from white sofas and cushions because they get dirty quickly. I’m guilty of this too. But I’m facing my fear and challenging myself to find a solution to keeping that brand new out of the box white look.

Recently, I shared decor tips for a Spring Porch and after posting on my Instagram stories, I got tons of questions about how to keep white cushions clean. So I’m sharing my secret with you.

How to Keep Outdoor Cushions Looking Brand New

Porch cushions-4In reality, this is what a new white cushion looks like after a couple weeks outside. Gross right! Who want to sit on that? STOP! Before you try wiping it off with your hand, which will only smear the bugs into the cushion and stain it, try this!

Porch cushions-5I use my hand held Dyson to suck up those bugs and nasty dirt without smearing the cushion.

Porch cushions-3Look at the difference!

Porch cushions-6It really is amazing at how powerful the vacuum is and it sucks all the dirt up so quickly!

Porch cushions-7I use it once a week on these new cushions and they are staying crisp and white.

Porch cushions-8It literally takes less than a minute to clean the cushions and is so worth it!

Porch cushions-10I’m no longer scared of owning white as you can see by the fact that we painted our entire home white.

Porch cushions-11Do we have plans to add more white to the outdoors? You betcha we do!! Our pool house will consist mostly of white decor! Bring it on Baby!

Porch cushions-12With this powerful tool, I am ready for whatever dirt comes my way! Whether you own white cushions or any color, this tool will keep your cushions looking fresh.

Porch cushions-13The cordless vacuum has many attachments, and works equally well on carpet and hardwood floors. It picks up dog hair super easily and is a must in our household to use between full deep cleanings. And guess what? It’s on sale!

I hope this tip helps you with your outdoor cleaning needs, drop me a line let me know what you think!

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6 thoughts on “How to Keep White Outdoor Cushions Clean

    1. I love all Dyson products Barbara, they are worth the extra expense. They are just better, and more powerful.

  1. I love my Dyson! We recently got the v11 and boy it’s good! Thanks for this – outdoor cushions of all colours drive me crazy during summer!

    1. Aren’t they amazing and powerful? We love ours too Katerina. For just a couple minutes work, it makes such a difference!

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