French Country Home Foyer – “ORC” (Week 7) Repainting the Ceiling & Furnishing the Space

Second to the last week before the final reveal – Happy Dance in Progress! 


The One Room Challenge™ is a biannual event every Spring and Fall and is currently in its seventeenth season. Each round, twenty design bloggers take the challenge and transform a space. Every Wednesday, the designers document their process while sharing their sources and professional advice over six weekly posts.

This season, due to the sheltering in place orders, the ORC will span eight weeks to give us all extra time to complete our spaces while staying safe at home.

The ORC has teamed up with Better Homes and Garden to bring you this highly anticipated event.



This round will complete my seventh season as a guest participant of the “ORC”. So many other talented people are also participating as guests, please check out their spaces HERE.

You can check out my all my prior reveals in the links below

Foyer Renovation Progress to Date

  • As announced in week 1, we will be transforming the foyer of our home. The space is in dire need of a transition, check out the before pictures in the link.
  • Week 2, I shared my inspiration and photos for the new design of our foyer. This is a very tough space to work with, as it is huge and has so much going on.
  • Week 3 highlighted my initial design board, which has since changed quite a bit for various reasons.
  • Week 4 was all about removing heavy curtains from the large foyer window and getting rid of a carpet runner.

Foyer Reno

  • Weeks 5 & 6 was a big part of the project. The foyer and the ceiling were painted from dark to clean and crisp light colors that completely transformed the space.

Foyer Reno-7But we had a bit of a hiccup. When I saw the paint that was used on the ceiling, I was confused. It looked so much different that what I imagined…it was so much whiter. In talking to my painters, I found out they didn’t use the exact white color I had requested. They substituted another white, probably a standard white ceiling paint. After discussing this issue with them, they repainted the ceiling with the exact color I wanted without a problem and it looks so much better!! Phew!

Foyer Reno 2The pieces of furniture that I ordered have started to arrive. The large table came very quickly using contact free delivery. No signature necessary when the delivery men brought the table inside.

Foyer Reno 2-1My pouf was also delivered and I’m hoping my remaining pieces will arrive early next week 😬🤞.

Foyer Reno 2-2I have started styling the top of the table with books. This large one comes in a sleeve – which is a good thing if you have kids around. Some of the pictures in Ford’s book are not appropriate for all crowds, especially children! While I love having a book from one of the greatest fashion icons around on my foyer table, I won’t be showing it to my kids anytime soon 😉

Check back next week to see the final reveal of our foyer! Thank you so much for following along on our journey, so much more to come this year as we continue our outdoor project of a pool and pool house build!

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12 thoughts on “French Country Home Foyer – “ORC” (Week 7) Repainting the Ceiling & Furnishing the Space

  1. Sweet heavens Denise, I need some of your energy. 😩
    I can’t seem to manage a OMC, let alone a ORC. (OMC being the One Meal in “what’s for dinner tonight honey?” 😂

    But I sure do enjoy watching your creative ideas blossom into realities..!👍

    1. Oh Cindy! I wish I had more energy and time in the day, I feel so behind!! But I appreciate your support, thank you my friend. Never heard of OMC…sounds really fun though!

      1. You ladies are too sweet! I wish I had that much energy, but I am drawing good vibes from you two sweet friends.

    1. Right! Shouldn’t they know there are like 100 different whites! But they were very good in fixing the issue, so it was fine. I hope everything arrives…I left things a bit late…my bad 😬

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