Hardwood Flooring Colors and Styles

When it comes to choosing hardwood flooring, there are so many options available to a buyer. It has been several years since I was in the market to buy new hardwood flooring and so many of the styles and colors have changed. 

When we were replacing the hardwood floors in our prior home, I knew exactly the color and style I wanted to install. That was about seven years ago when all the rage was dark flooring. While dark hardwood is still a pretty option and desired by many, it seems that lighter hardwoods have taken the top spot with many home buyers.

Let’s examine the different species of wood flooring to get a better understanding of colors.

The Most Common Types of Hardwood

There is a huge variety of color tone variation depending on the type of wood. Oak, walnut, hickory, maple, and cherry are among the most common species.

  • When it comes to red and white oak, there is a wide range of colors between the two. Red oak offers warm tones from creamy pink and golden red to rusty brown. White oak has gray undertones and no hint of red. Oak also has a grain pattern with knots and swirls and varies from board to board.
  • Cherry floors have warm brown hues but can tend red and darken over time. Cherry also has a smooth grain pattern which is desirable to many.
  • Walnut offers deep, rich, chocolate tones and large straight grain patterns making it a top choice for drama and sophistication.
  • Hickory features mocha-tones, ranging from creamy beige with a hint of red to warm brown with dark brown streaks. With large knots and color that can vary substantially from board to board, hickory is well suited for rustic and country styled homes.
  • Maple is a fairly light-colored wood, with hues that include light cream, beige, and tan, and it often features a slight reddish tint. Maple has a fine grain pattern, with occasional dark streaks and specks that add interest to the wood.

Today, I’m sharing flooring options from a luxury home builder, the Fox Group.

Dark Hardwood Floors

Dark stained floors, always beautiful and elegant. These floors look like they have been sanded and finished. A lovely choice in any home. On the one hand they are beautiful but on the other hand, I know that they tend to show every piece of dog hair, fluff, and scrape -something to consider when choosing this option.

The contrast of dark flooring with light walls…magnifique! Just make sure to have your mop handy 😉 You may be interested in these beautiful foyer chandeliers HERE and HERE.

No denying the beauty and elegance dark flooring brings to a home and those island chandeliers! I found them HERE.

Medium Dark Hardwood Floor

Medium toned hardwood floors stunning in their own rite. The mix of dark and lighter toned browns makes them another stunning choice for homes. Laying any color hardwood in a herringbone pattern is to die for gorgeous.

Medium tones floors with dark walls….um yes!!

Medium toned hardwoods are stunning and look exceptional with painted white walls and well as dark walls.

This incredible foyer has a mix of hardwood colors, ranging from dark to light. It looks amazing with the blue walls and extensive molding.

Light Colored Hardwood

White Oak hardwood is insanely popular right now.

When paired with white walls, the look is over the top!

The neutral color pallete is point on and can be styled with a variety of furnishings and colors. Loving those bookcase sconces?

The herringbone pattern with white oak? Um….yes please!! Look at this!! While the labor to install a pattern like this looks expensive, the wood looks to be the standard 2″ boards…which are very economical. I am totally in love with this look and would install it in a heartbeat! Liking those book case sconces? Me too!

Which look is your favorite?

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  1. Great post, and Fox Group sure has a beautiful website! 🙂 I admit I’m a sucker for the dark flooring. The others are gorgeous too of course, and if I had a big enough house, I’d flirt with all options! 🙂

    Thanks for the info – you know I come back to your posts whenever I have a decorating or renovation decision to make! Hope you have a lovely weekend my friend!

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