How to Lose that COVID Weight and Our Newest Rogue Equipment

We all did it, gained a few extra pounds during quarantine. So many of us spent our days baking bread as well as trying new desserts and now we are paying the price. How are we going to get rid of those extra pounds? We are heading into the holiday season, so now is the time to shed that extra weight so we won’t feel guilty having a few Fall and Christmas treats.

If you have been following along for a while, you know I am all about exercising at home. If I had to leave my house and go to a gym, working out would never happen. A couple years back, we built the ultimate home gym using all Rogue equipment. Today I want to share what I have been doing to lose weight and the newest Rogue addition to our Gym.

Having fallen off the wagon earlier this year, it’s taken me months to get back on track with a legit workout routine. But it happened, and now I am almost 15 pounds down from my COVID high! Feeling great and my clothes fit so much better!

How I Lost 15 Pounds in Four Weeks

Want to know the biggest change I made to lose weight? I got my butt back in the gym, 6 days a week! It was hard to do at first but now it’s part of my everyday routine. Sunday is my day off from working out and watching what I eat, because we all need one day a week to rest and recover.

Riding my bike for 30 minutes was the biggest change I made to lose weight. I love this recumbent bike, it’s so comfortable and easy to ride. There are a variety of programs you can choose, typically I use a manual mode with the same pace instead of a program with ups and downs. Watching TV makes the time pass quickly, I usually watch one of my favorite shows like HGTV’s Love it or List it. Usually, I like to work out in the mornings and get it over with plus it gives me energy for the remainder of the day. In the evenings, my daughter and I take our golden for a stroll, the weather has been so nice lately, and we enjoy getting outside and take in the sunset views.

When I want a harder workout or in a hurry, I ride this assault bike which really gets my heart pumping. I only ride it for a few minutes and follow a routine of intense peddling for 20 seconds then a cool down for 10 seconds. It takes you through 8 intervals and is very challenging hence the name assault bike 😉 it works the upper and lower body at the same time. Oh btw, your hair will go flying from the crazy wind that the bike produces so be prepared!

Using a Mediterranean Diet to Lose Weight

I have also modified my diet to eat mainly low carbohydrates, and fewer starches and sugars. I am not following a strict KETO diet as I have done in the past to lose weight. I have had problems with the diet like high cholesterol and kidney stones, so instead I follow a Mediterranean diet which looks like this:

  • Daily consumption of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and healthy fats
  • Weekly intake of fish, poultry, beans, and eggs
  • Moderate portions of dairy products
  • Limited intake of red meat

I still enjoy drinks on the weekends with friends but do have to closely monitor my alcohol intake now having lost almost 15 pounds. I’ve noticed alcohol hits me a little harder so I make sure to eat plenty when I drink and stay hydrated.

Aren’t these yoga pants cute? They have pockets on the sides for your cell phone and are made from a very stretchy material. I feel like it holds everything in place…no jiggling around 🙂

Our Newest Rogue Equipment Piece

I’ve shown you some of the things I am doing to get fit, now I want to share what my husband is doing to stay in the best shape of his life!

After being out of stock forever, this piece of Rogue equipment is finally back in stock and we snatched it up in the first hour.

This is a dead lift bar.

What is a dead lift bar?

This piece of equipment takes the pain out of loading and unloading heavy barbells for dead and other lifts that start from the ground.

Just prop the jack under the bar, pull the handle back to elevate, and slide on more weight just like you would if the bar was racked.

It’s super easy to use and maneuver. One of the things I love about Rogue, is that they make all their own equipment here in the US of A!

To do a deadlift, my husband uses the Ohio bar and these training plates.

Using these collars to secure the plates to the bar are also very helpful.

This wedge is also an easy way to get the bar off the ground so you can load weights.

I don’t use anything near this heavy for weights, in fact I use the junior bar for lifting. I’m not trying to get jacked, just toned and fit. As we age, lifting weights and staying toned becomes more important so I use individual dumbbells. I slowly increase the weight depending on the exercise and are very happy when I see results.

You don’t need a home gym to workout, try adding a piece of cardiac equipment like a stationary bike to any room in your home with a TV and you’ll see how easy it is to lose those COVID pounds!

Do you work out regularly? What is your exercise routine?

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8 thoughts on “How to Lose that COVID Weight and Our Newest Rogue Equipment

  1. Denise, I am so glad you are getting more comfortable posting pictures of yourself. You look fabulous & enjoyed the hints you shared about losing the weight & keeping it off. We all need that!! Loved seeing all of your equipment & your explanation of each one. Again you looked so good.

    1. Aw thank you!! I have a huge smile on my face right now 😀 you made my day! I really want to inspire others to exercise…it’s so important and getting more important as we age. Thank you again!!

  2. Denise, I am so glad to see that you are getting more comfortable in posting pictures of yourself. You look fantastic & you are doing a great job of keeping your weight down. Love all of your equipment. Thanks for showing & explaining all of it. Once again, you look great. My exercise regime is I go to Jazzercise three times a week. I have been going for over 38 years & just love it. It is closed now but our instructors are streaming the classes so I am still doing it but miss all the contact with my friends I have made over the years.

    1. Thanks so much! I’m slightly more comfortable posting pics…😬…but I really appreciate your encouraging words. 38 years of jazzercise…wow! That is very impressive! I am happy that gyms have started streaming classes, not quite the same as in person but better than nothing!! Keep up the amazing work my friend!!

  3. You look absolutely fabulous Denise – I’m totally inspired! I used to have a great exercise routine, but that was several years ago now. It’s time! Thanks for the gentle nudge. If I can look as good as you do, I’m all for it! Now if I could only grow a few inches! 🙂

    1. LOL Barbara! I wouldn’t mind growing a couple inches too! I have kids who as tall and getting taller…I feel like I am shrinking!! I hope I encouraged you to start thinking about working out’s amazing for the mind too!

    1. Hi James, I’m glad to hear you were inspired. Starting is the hardest part…gets so much easier once you get in a routine.

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