10 Pre Christmas Decorating Must Haves

November has rolled in and my Christmas decor is rolling out!

November One marks the official beginning of Christmas decorating in our home. Halloween has passed, and the kids are getting excited for the next holiday. We have enjoyed a couple months of Fall decor in our home, bringing in all the pretty Fall colors of the season, browns, reds, oranges, and yellows. The outdoor leaves are slowly changing and falling off the trees. Temperatures are dipping down close to freezing some evenings and Winter seems not too far off in the distance.

Prior to the first of the month, I do a few things to prepare for my favorite time of the year. I dig out items from the garage, order new decor, and plan the set up of our multiple trees. The earlier I can get all my decorating done for Christmas, the longer I have to enjoy the season. But before I can delve into full on Christmas decor mode, I take inventory of the must have essentials needed to make the process go smoothly.

Having the proper items on hand will make decorating more fun and stress free. Before I start any decorating, I know in my mind what I am going to do in each room. Every year I change up the decor and try different things, so new items are brought in and old items may not be brought out. But having the essentials on hand makes a world of difference. I prepared a list of all the essentials I need and use every year.

10 Pre Christmas Decorating Essentials

*Affiliate Links are included for your convenience*6F6301A3-1C89-4F2A-9C4F-013AF0642B57_1_201_a1.) Craft Wire – Several items on my tree are secured with wire. Having it on hand makes decorating a lot easier. Running around the house looking for something to secure my berries, picks and greenery to the tree is no fun…in a pinch I have used bag ties…but wire is my definite preference 🙂

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70DDC436-EE35-41EC-9EA4-12BC13D6B4E5_1_201_aI have used both craft wire and zip ties (discussed below) to make my bows. Check out How to Make a Simple Holiday Bow with a Tail

691888BE-79C9-4F12-BA2C-6C89D3315AB22.) Ornament hooks – A must have for Christmas tree decorating. I have broken ornaments in the past by trying to fit them onto a branch with the tiny ribbon that is attached to them or noticed the hook I used the prior year has suddenly disappeared. Pretty curvy hooks are really nice and definitely worth the investment.

CB410D24-DE51-4401-9180-540DE55EE8573.) Christmas Tree Skirt – This is one item that sells out quickly, so shop early for your furry tree skirt.

B1518388-EC62-4641-B017-BE0E05AA9693_1_201_a4.) Command Hooks – A must to hang garland! I use command hooks to hang my garland every year and they work like a charm and won’t damage the mantle. But make sure to get the proper size for the weight of the items the hooks will hold.

BEBC8D03-80C5-41E0-A5E4-66C55DF47953_1_201_a5.) Zip Ties – The best way I have found to attach garland to a staircase bannister is with zip ties. Cut off the end once secure on the banister and they hold in place beautifully. When it’s time to remove the zip tie, I suggest cutting them off with scissors to avoid damage to the banister.

39F6DD20-E78A-46C7-A082-A0B7F36A13DF_1_201_a6.) Mini lights – These cute little lights are great to have on hand to wrap around any indoor evergreen, wreath, or garland.

F3DD4DEB-FE76-42A3-A338-7748F0F2E59C7.) Batteries – As more wreaths, garland and light strings are becoming cordless, the need to have a good supply of batteries on hand increases. We are always well stocked with batteries of all sizes throughout out the year.

It’s also a good idea to have batteries stocked for Christmas morning when the kids open that special gift that requires 4 double D’s. I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about 🙂

C50C989A-EAA6-4848-A56C-EF647552969B8.) Wemo Plugs – Game hammier Alert! These plugs are sooo convenient! I love them, we have them everywhere. They make turning Christmas lights on so easy and fun using Alexa. Check out How to Remotely Control Your Christmas Lights from Anywhere

9EDE756C-A179-40E9-B760-C90954622BEE_1_201_a9.) Ribbon – Now is the time to buy your ribbon! Really nice ribbon goes quickly..early November is a great time to buy the prettiest rolls of the season. Many stores like Hobby Lobby do not restock Christmas supplies…once they’re gone, they are gone for the season. Don’t be stuck with the leftovers in December. Shop early! I’m a bit of a ribbon hoarder, this is a small sample of my ribbon supply 🙂

F1964006-51C3-4CEA-84E2-991F946C051610.) Clear Storage Bins – Every year I buy additional clear storage bins to house our Christmas decor.

68EBB053-9016-4B96-9F52-23C2C3D6CE50 We are slowly transitioning to all clear bins from the older non – see through bins. We will use these bins to store items that are not used year in and year out. I love being able to see the items I am searching for each year with the clear bins, as opposed to opening all the bins. Yes, I could label the bins, but I work better visually.

I hope this post helps you prepare for the season – hassle free! (As much as it can be ;))

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8 thoughts on “10 Pre Christmas Decorating Must Haves

  1. Great ideas Denise! I’m going to go get some Command hooks this year, although I’ve never minded using thumbtacks on the mantel because it’s such a mess! But one day, we’ll fix it up and will need something non-destructive. Might as well be prepared! 🙂 I can’t wait to see all your gorgeous trees this year – you are a wellspring of inspiration my friend! 💗

    1. Hi Barbara, so glad you liked the ideas. Command hooks are the best, have used them for years. Just make sure to get the right size for the weight of your items. I have had my garland fall to the floor because it was so heavy. Had to upgrade to the really big hooks! Working on a tree as we speak!! Happy Monday

    1. Hi Ashley, gosh I’ve had them for years but I’m thinking maybe Hobby Lobby? Amazon has similar ones too. Hope that helps!

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