How to Style a Gorgeous Christmas Mantel

My happy time of the year has arrived! I love decorating for the holidays and especially Christmas!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!! Everywhere I go! Well ok..maybe only on Instagram and a couple of stores I’ve been to 😉 But I’m doing my best to make our home every bit as Christmasy as prior years…because 2020 needs to end with positive energy, love, and feelings of a brighter future….and that is very difficult for many people right now.

Today, I’m sharing our Christmas Mantel and tips and tricks for you to replicate one if you’re interested. Decorating for Christmas in an outlet for me, I enjoy it very much and get a lot satisfaction from a beautifully styled room full of Christmas Joy.

10 Tips and Tricks to Styling a Mantel

If you have been following along on our pool house build, you know I am all about symmetry.

This mantel is located in our sunroom, my favorite room in our house. This room has a lovely view of the sunrise and gets the most sun in our home. I often sit here to blog, work on homework with the kids, or just enjoy a cup of coffee. In the evenings, I love the twinkling lights of the Christmas tree as the sun is setting and just feel at peace. Check back next week to see the rest of the room and the tree!

My theme again this year for the room, is a red and white Christmas. Last year I had a similar theme, but I added many more elements to the room and mantel this year.

1.) Using the frosted garland that I purchased last year, (I linked a slightly different one because the one I have is super expensive this year). I attached two – nine foot strands together that meet in the middle. This garland is very easy to work with and looks great but it is messy as it is heavily flocked.

2.) Then I tucked in picks of pinecones and berries to the garland. I scattered them every few feet on the top and down the sides.

3.) This year, another layer of garland was added to my mantel. Using three – six foot strands of garland, I added garland under the frosted garland. This garland is sooo pretty and is beautiful in so many ways – loving the way it drapes in front of the mantel. I purchased many stands of this last year, and I’m still finding ways to use it.

4.) Using hooks attached to the top of each corner of the mantel, gives an extra layer of security for the garland to rest.

5.) Next, I attached 3 bows to the top of the mantel using this ribbon. I made a tutorial last year on Youtube on how to make a bow if you are interested.

6.) In addition, I tied small bows around the base of my white candlesticks using very thin ribbon. Loving the look!

7.) Another look I am loving this year are the beads draping down the front of the fireplace. I used two packs of beads and attached them using these smalls hooks. The beads are also available in red and white, and green and white.

8.) Also loving the snowflake ornaments hanging on the mantel for a bit of extra sparkle.

9.) The top of the mantel has two white trees wrapped in lights. The lights are so cute and add the perfect glow to the backdrop. The lights don’t come with the tree, I added them after the fact.

10.) Lastly, I added two white ginger jars (similar) to flank the fireplace. Very happy with the way our mantel turned out this year and how it all came together. To be honest, it was a work in progress. I didn’t know when I started how it would turn out – but just started with a base from last year and added along the way 🙂

Design tip: As with any design you are creating, it’s so important to step back and view it as a whole and adjust as necessary. I do this all the time, and change many things when the design doesn’t give me the look I want..such an easy step but it will save you hassles later.

So happy you stopped by to read my post. I made a Youtube video of the mantel as well, please check it out and let me know what you think! Still learning to navigate Youtube, but luckily my 12 year is well versed and can help me 😉

Check back next week to see the Christmas tree and the rest of the room –  will be on My Youtube channel as well.



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    1. Hi Joni! Thank you! It took me forever…I kept messing with it..changing…adding but I love the way it turned out. Glad you like it too!

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