Our Christmas Kitchen 2020

One more space that is Christmas ready, with less than a week to go!

How are you doing with your holiday decor? Are you working up until the last week too? Seems this happens each year, I work up until the end, adding touches here and there..creating new looks…just in time to take it all down! But I am happy to report…I am done 🙂 All in all, probably did a bit less this year than last, but for the most part I added as much Christmas spirit and love that I always do. Filling our home with the joy of Christmas is important to me and our family.

Come Into our Christmas Kitchen Also on YouTube

You can take a tour with me through our Christmas kitchen on YouTube too!

Don’t you love it when you can create new looks with old stuff? All the items I used in the kitchen were things we already own with the exception of one new splurge.

Island Centerpiece

Given the size of our kitchen, I’ve learned over the years that our island needs a large centerpiece.

You all know I love traditional holiday colors of green, red, and white so I put together a simple centerpiece using my favorite Christmas colors.

My one splurge was this sizable and very substantial bowl. I added magnolia stems in red and white using a strand of garland as the base.

The pop of color is really pretty and brightens the room.

Range Hood

Over the range and hood, are simple pieces of greenery that I have owned for many years. They travel around our home taking up a new residence each season, this year landing in the kitchen.

Simple and easy. The addition of one statement piece to the space was all we needed.

Ginger Jar Full of Magnolia Stems

This little area of the kitchen, in front of the fireplace also has simple decor.

Magnolia stems in one of my favorite ginger jars is a welcome addition to the space. This area is usually where our overflow of dining chairs lands, sometimes having as many as six chairs surrounding the table.

Cedar trees with lights flank the sides of the fireplace and that cozy rug is where Bentley loves to curl up to stay warm.

Christmas Tree

Our red and green kitchen tree sits in the corner of the room. How to Tie Ribbon onto a Christmas Tree in a Criss Cross or Zig Zag Pattern will show you how to recreate the look.

The twinkling lights in the kitchen are so pretty, just love having a tree in this space.

Dining Chairs

The dining area of the kitchen is set for our family of four. If you are looking for more ideas, check out Tips and Ideas for your Winter and Holiday Dining Table.

In the interest of time and not having the proper tools on hand, I attached these wreaths to the backs of our dining chairs with a safety pin. I recommend using upholstery pins for a cleaner look but in a pinch it did the trick 😉

Holiday Tablecloth

I like to change our holiday tablecloths during the season often, to create new looks and give color to the room. This one has a Holly theme and ties into our Christmas tree.

Using our holiday centerpiece (SIMILAR HERE) which can be filled with just about anything, is a cute addition to our dining table.


The last addition was a strand of garland wrapped around our chandelier which cascades down the sides.

Interesting story – as much as I love our lighting, this particular piece has been recalled..with a note saying don’t walk or stand under it! 😳 Stay tuned for updates!

That wraps up out little holiday kitchen tour. Keeping it simple again this year..hope you enjoyed it!



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6 thoughts on “Our Christmas Kitchen 2020

  1. “Don’t walk or stand under the light fixture?” “That’s almost as bad as don’t sit in or drive the car.” HAHA..you just have to laugh or you’d be pouty every day!

    1. I did laugh at the words Cindy!! But on a serious note…something bad must have happened to someone for them to recall it! 😬

  2. I SO love your kitchen Denise, and your Christmas decorating is totally perfect!! Absolutely gorgeous! On another note, I was excited to see the progress of your pool house through the window – you’re going to love that next summer! Hope you have a lovely Saturday, and watch out for dangerous lamps!

    1. RIGHT?! I don’t feel safe around here anymore. All our lighting is from the same place. I walk around dodging the chandeliers….it’s like playing a game of hop scotch 🤣 But thank you for your sweet words…happy weekend.

  3. Love the arrangement! I’ve been searching for red magnolias and can’t find any. Your link pulls up the white ones. Can you please let me know where the red ones came from? Thanks

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