How to Style a Cabinet

Glass and open shelf cabinets are beautiful on their own, but when purchasing one, it’s important to keep in mind what will be stored inside. Because the styling of a cabinet is as important as the cabinet piece itself. Are you buying the cabinet with the intent to display items such as family heirlooms or fine china? If you are buying a cabinet for the sole purpose of storing household items, then a cabinet with panel doors may be a better option.

In a prior post, I talked about the key elements needed to style a coffee table (HERE). Once you understand the key concepts, it’s not so daunting.

The same holds true for a glass/china cabinet or open shelves. A few tips to follow and you’re golden.

Before you start styling, take inventory of your items and adjust your shelving to fit your largest pieces.

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Start with a focal point and element, this will usually be your largest piece. I painted this vase white, specifically for the purpose of using it to style this cabinet. Read that post (HERE) on painting everyday items.

IMG_2904Place plates and platters in the back. Many cabinets have grooves to secure your plates, or you can use china easels (HERE) to stabilize your plates.

IMG_2905Add items in front of the plates, and avoid placing your important pieces in the center. Symmetry is boring, place your important pieces on one side of the cabinet. Create height and visual interest by adding items on top of items. In this picture, I have artificial flowers in a vase, in a bowl.

IMG_2906Layering is very important, use differing heights of items, tall and short, wide and narrow. I painted these candlesticks white, you can read that post (HERE).

IMG_2907This picture shows more layering, a bowl on top of plates and a candle inside the bowl. Stack cups and saucers on top of each other. Cups and saucers are great items to use in a cabinet, and I would avoid showcasing glasses and crystal, as they typically don’t show well through glass panes.

IMG_2909Another shelf, group like items together, I placed my appetizer platters on the same shelf.

I used the soft paperback books I painted, tied in a rope and placed inside a bowl for visual interest. You can read that post (HERE).

IMG_2910Different shapes and sizes, and layer, layer, layer.

IMG_2911The third shelf, same concepts.

IMG_2912 Here I used the hardback books I painted, and placed them inside a wood planter box.

IMG_2913All the items I used for the cabinet are items I already had in my house. With the black backdrop of the cabinet, I chose mostly white items to display.

IMG_2875Once you have everything the way you want, step back and take a look at your work. Chances are, a little tweaking may be necessary.

IMG_2917 If you go digging though boxes in your house, you may be surprised at what you find.

IMG_2916The last tip I have – use your display items! If you have beautiful china you received on your wedding day, bring it out and use it. Create a beautiful tablescape with flowers and candles and enjoy your pieces.

Thanks for stopping in and I hope these tips are helpful to you in styling your cabinet!

See you next time.

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