How to Arrange Flowers in a Vase

March – the month of Spring flowers at Happy Haute Home. Do you see a theme going here…a heavy focus on indoor cut flowers.

As I work to hone my flower arranging skills, I am passing everything I learn onto my followers…so make sure to subscribe. So far, my focus has been on arranging cut flowers in foam, but today I will show you how to free style an arrangement in a vase.

fullsizeoutput_9c2bPersonally, I prefer free styling flowers in a vase, it gives more of a natural appearance to the bouquet. But there are plenty of benefits to using foam, mainly in achieving a very uniformed and symmetrical centerpiece.

How To Arrange Flowers in a Vase

fullsizeoutput_9c1bFor the centerpiece I am sharing today, I used the following floral accessories and flowers:

  • Clear Glass Vase HERE
  • Thorn Stripper HERE
  • Floral Wire HERE
  • Baker Fern
  • 3 Shimmer Roses
  • 3 Gerber Avignon Stems
  • 3 White Triple Lisianthus Stems
  • 3 Peach Lege Marrone Sole Stems (aka Peach Carnations)
  • 3 Peach Stock Stems
  • Willow Eucalyptus
  • Mini Wax Flowers
  • Variegated Pittosporum


Step #1 – Use Fern to Create a Cuff

Baker Fern is a universal flower filler that has a leathery texture. It is commonly used in wedding centerpieces and bouquets. I like this fern better than other ferns I have used in the past which have black spores on the underside of the leaves and look like bugs 😝

ErPXS9rRRr2GOaqqI0wo5wAfter filling the container with fresh water, I used 7 pieces of fern to cuff the vase. The fern creates a base and provides support for the rest of the flowers. Make sure that all leaves that could fall below the water line are removed prior to putting in vase. You never want any leaves submerged in water.


Step #2 Add the Largest Flowers (Roses) First

Use thorn strippers to remove thorns from the stem of the Shimmer Roses and cut them at an angle under water. Also remove any outer petals that don’t look good and insert the roses into the vase in a triangular pattern.


Step #2 Wire the Stems of Gerber Avignon Flowers

This type of flower commonly requires floral wire to properly position the head and keep it from drooping. To insert the wire, poke a small hole in the underside of the flower at the base and twist the wire around the stem.

uxE9Bj1NTZyzesSMoZXU%AInsert them into the vase in a triangular pattern.


Step # 3 Use Peach Stock to Balance the Arrangement

I used 3 tall Peach Stock Stems and inserted them in the middle of the vase. This creates balance within the centerpiece.


Step # 4 Fluff Carnations

Sometimes when you buy carnations at the store, they have a closed up appearance. Using the palm of your hand, you can gently fluff them and open up the petals making them appear wider. It makes a big difference in the way they look in the centerpiece. Use the carnations to fill in the gaps within your arrangement. The type of carnation I used is called Peach Lege Marrone Sole.


Step # 5 Add White Triple Lisianthus and Wax Flower

These flowers are beautiful! I love the look of Lisianthus in a vase, the white petals are so delicate and feminine. I added 3 stems to my vase at different heights, then separated and added clusters of mini Wax Flower which look so pretty.


Step #6 Use Willow Eucalyptus to Droop Over Side of Vase

There are so many varieties of eucalyptus out there, but for this arrangement I used Willow Eucalyptus, it has large heavy seeds causing it to droop nicely over the rim of a vase. I separated the pieces and used them in random areas around the base. Lastly, I added 1 piece of variegated pittosporum.

fullsizeoutput_9c1fTo top it off, I made a 5 loop bow and tied it around the glass vase.

fullsizeoutput_9c42The color combination of this arrangement is very pretty, with soft tones of peach and pink.

imageIf you are looking for more Spring Flower inspiration, check out How to Assemble an English Garden Basket and Step by Step Guide to a Spring Floral Arrangement.

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