Exotic Floral Arrangement

March has been the month of Spring floral arrangements and tutorials at Happy Haute Home, so I am bringing you another how to guide..but this time we are using exotic flowers.

These stems are hard to pronounce, not typically seen in grocery stores and are quite expensive, some can run as much as $7 a stem. I used a wide variety to give you an idea of different types of florals and how to use them in an arrangement.

How to Make an Exotic Floral Centerpiece

imageTo make this centerpiece, I used the following stems and floral accessories:

  • Flat Container HERE
  • Instant Floral Foam HERE
  • Floral tape HERE
  • Pruning Shears HERE
  • Floral Pins HERE
  • Arailia Iron Man
  • Leucodendron Spray Jester “Safari Sunset”
  • Allium Gladiator
  • Pinchusion High Gold
  • Variegated Aspidistra
  • Helecho Holex
  • Eryngium Green Jackpot
  • Kale
  • Protea Empress
  • Mood Moss
  • Sphagnum Moss HERE

Sounds like a bunch of Super Heros are coming to save the day! I admit, this isn’t a typical floral centerpiece, it’s an unusual combination of exotic stems..it sort of looks like the jungle floor of Jurassic Park with the ferns, moss and leaves. I like trying different and unusual things.

M4sshm6SS1eh143IVPM1jwAs with many other arrangements I have made, I used instant floral foam, a flat container and tape to secure the foam after soaking it in water. I used 2/3 of a piece of foam.

FMp4PosJQAutmG+b2qeztQAlways starting with the biggest stem, I cut the Protea Empress and inserted it into the foam at an angle. The stem is thick and woodsy and will require good shears to cut through it.

fAjUeMLZSoeskK5z3FfjiQNext, I used the Allium Gladiator flowers, which have very tall stems. I put them close together in the center of the foam.

c6VjIQ8SR2e7xHKZgIvSjwNext, I used the Pinchusion High Gold (yellow stem) and placed at an angle towards one side of the foam. This is a very cool flower with a large vibrant yellow head.

TEHqYk7mSp2mim4C17II8QKale stems, I had 2, one went in front and one in the back of the foam.

OSDkvu7AThaVeGtglsGCiQThis unusual stem, is called Eryngium Green Jackpot. It grows well in dry, sandy soil with a lot of sun. I used 2 of them in the centerpiece, one of each side at different heights.

NhGJTKTdQm+34dMsk3jiDwLeucodendron Spray Jester “Safari Sunset” has rich variegated leaves and looks awesome in centerpieces. I did not cut the pieces, but left the 3 branches attached to the single stem.

zV4JZQh6TGiHSHcTyTrb%AI added 2 Variegated Aspidistra leaves to balance the centerpiece.

YGc6KrE+Sc6P%NK9Ec5XnwArailia Iron Man is a plant with dark green and brown leaves and kinda looks like marijuana 😬…but don’t worry it’s not 😉

PSZ5uGlnSnKcFncokKdOhgSeparating some of the lower branches of the Arailia and using them as filler creates a nice balance. I used the large center piece and placed it in the middle of the foam.

Helecho Holex is a fern commonly used in wedding centerpieces. I used 2 pieces on the sides for added balance.

fullsizeoutput_9c6eAll the stems are in the centerpiece, now I have to cover the sides of the foam with moss. I used Mood Moss, which is lush and velvety looking. It is a clump moss that looks like it was picked from a mountain. I separated the large clumps and placed them on the sides of the foam, and used floral pins to secure the moss in place.

Fm4N24vER3enOfWs+XBOTQThere were a couple areas in the middle that I covered using Spaghnum Moss. This is a decorative dry moss that looks nice hanging down the side of a centerpiece and is commonly used to cover empty space.

fullsizeoutput_9c68This is a very natural and woodsy feeling centerpiece. I like it, and I enjoyed learning about new flower varieties.

fullsizeoutput_9c83What do you think? For more information about flowers, you may be interested in

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Starting in April, we will return to home improvement projects as we begin work on our back patio and the One Room Challenge Returns on April 4! Stay Tuned!

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15 thoughts on “Exotic Floral Arrangement

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the posts Barbara! I enjoyed writing them and arranging the flowers. No onto some home renovations!! Looking forward to getting things in the house done too 🙂

    1. Lynn, for some reason I am not able to like any of your beautiful posts? Not sure why I keep trying but no luck 😒

  1. You must have worked in a floral shop at one time to know about all those exotic specimens! Looking forward to the home reno projects. I am going to the local home show this weekend for some kitchen inspiration, as I really must get on it!

    1. That sounds like a fun job! Have always thought about doing something like that 🙂 I was taking a floral design class and learning about different kinds of flowers, it was really fun. But time to get back to home reno, have so much to do! Thanks for visiting Joni!

      1. Looks like I won’t be going to the home show today, change of plans, plus it snowed overnight and is cold out…..oh well, I guess procrastinating a bit longer won’t matter…..

    1. Hi Kristin! Thank you, I think flower design is a lot like home design, all about angles, shapes, sizes and color. It’s important to stand back and check your work often, a minor adjustment can make all the difference in the appearance.

    1. Exotic plants are really fun to work with, so many different combinations and colors available. Hope you’re having a great Spring!

      1. well enjoying some nice flowers this spring – father n law is in a retirement center and they receive a lot of donated flowers – some arrangements are extra nice – but not quite as exotic as this one here…

      2. The arrangement is still thriving and looking good. I had to remove a couple small stems but for the most part, it still looks great…almost 2 weeks now.

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