Happy Haute Home has Been Nominated for an AMARA Interior BLOG Award!

Seriously…pinch me now! I mean WOWZER!!!!

As Drake would say “Where the F*** should I even really start”!!! 👊

What Are the AMARA Interior Blog Awards?

Happy Haute Home is so honored to be nominated for a BLOG AWARD…and not just any Blog Award but an AMARA BLOG AWARD! 🙂 The Amara Interior Blog Awards is the biggest celebration of interior blogs in the industry and is now in its sixth year. Recognized across the globe as the leading interior blogging event, the awards triumph and engage with the most authoritative and respected bloggers to give them the recognition they deserve. I am so honored to be considered amongst this prestigious group of bloggers.


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Why Do I Blog?

Two and a half years ago I started a blogging journey, one that has been very rewarding in so many ways. Three years ago, I didn’t even know what blogging was. I had heard the term thrown around but had never read a blog or took the time to understand why someone would want to blog. A few months later, I became interested in sharing my knowledge about home decor and wanted to learn more about the beddogiling world of blogging.

Fast forward almost three years and I am now more interested and determined than ever to continue my blogging journey to see where it will lead. There are so many paths bloggers can take and many opportunities that come along…it can be overwhelming sorting through them all. While many of those opportunities are a ways off, for now my main goal is to continue to provide great content to my readers and subscribers and learn as much as I can about the world of blogging, as it is continually changing.

My blogging efforts are so meaningful to me because of the support I receive from you all. The continued encouragement you give me, strengthen my commitment to continue this journey. If you feel so inclined, and I hope you do, I would really appreciate your VOTE in the “Best Creative Skill Category VOTE HERE. Voting will continue until September 11, 2019 and the “shortlist” will be announced on September 12.


THANK YOU ALL from the bottom of my heart for your support, love, encouragement and your VOTE 😉



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14 thoughts on “Happy Haute Home has Been Nominated for an AMARA Interior BLOG Award!

  1. Your nomination is so well deserved, Denise. Hoping you will make the short list. I will be watching for it.

    1. Hi Donna!! So good to hear from you! Thank you so very much, I truly appreciate your support and encouragement. 😘

    1. Thank you Joni!!! I very much appreciate your support. One of the greatest parts of blogging is meeting great people such as yourself. 😘

  2. I Voted! You are so talented Denise, and your commitment is totally inspiring! I’m so glad we ran into each other here in the blogosphere! 💗 💗 💗 I hope you win!!

    1. AWWW thank you Barb! I seriously doubt it, but it’s very nice to be nominated. The best part of blogging is meeting fabulous friends like you!😘

    1. Thank you for visiting! We bloggers HAVE to support one other. This can be a tough road, but with each others support…it a fabulous journey.

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