Christmas Kitchen Tour 2019

Another room decorated for Christmas! Phew! Getting closer to be able to sit down, put my feet up and enjoy the decor!

Our kitchen has been given some Christmas love this year with colors of green, gold, silver, and white. This room has a very neutral palette, no red in the space at all. I really enjoy decorating each room in different colors each year. Last year Our Christmas Kitchen Home Tour 2018 had touches of red throughout, this year I changed it up…going very neutral.

Kitchen Christmas 2019-20Greenery…lots of greenery, both fresh and faux.

Kitchen Christmas 2019-21Nothing compares to the scent of fresh greenery in our homes at Christmastime.

Kitchen Christmas 2019-17Fir, Juniper, Cedar, and Pine.

Kitchen Christmas 2019-19This year, my goal was to bring in a little of each. Incense cedar, eucalyptus, and white mums creates an easy tall flower arrangement.

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Kitchen Christmas 2019-18Our kitchen table has a combination of fresh and faux greenery. Faux garland has come a long way over the years and looks very realistic. My centerpiece is a basket of white mums and fresh greenery. I created the basket specifically for our kitchen table.

Kitchen Christmas 2019-16The mantel in the kitchen has more faux cedar. I love the pliability of the garland, the pretty way it drapes off the mantel, and the fact that it is super easy to store 😉

Kitchen Christmas 2019-15I added a couple battery operated light strands on top of the garland with a few glittery pinecones.

Kitchen Christmas 2019-14I don’t normally have four chairs arranged like this in our kitchen, but I am getting our home ready for a Christmas party this weekend and a few things are getting moved around. But now that it’s set up, I kinda like it 🙂

Kitchen Christmas 2019-4Hi Bentley!

Kitchen Christmas 2019-3Cedar garland also drapes down nicely from the range hood.

Kitchen Christmas 2019-1Our tree is a nine foot slim, similar HERE. The ornaments consist of silver, gold, and cream. You can see more details of the tree in my Youtube video HERE.

Kitchen Christmas 2019-2In the distance is a gold tree, and a string of white lights I added.

Kitchen Christmas 2019-13Yup..more cedar garland on the chandelier, I put this garland all over the kitchen! I love it that much.

Kitchen Christmas 2019-11Gold sparkly napkin rings make the table shimmer and shine.

Kitchen Christmas 2019-10A couple wreaths with juniper hang from the double doors leading to the backyard.

Kitchen Christmas 2019-9The setting in the kitchen is peaceful and soothing, with soft Christmas music playing in the background on our SONOS speakers.

Kitchen Christmas 2019-8I love the reflection of the twinkling lights in the windows…

Kitchen Christmas 2019-7As the sun sets..

Kitchen Christmas 2019-6Having a Christmas tree in the kitchen is one of my favorite ways to decorate the space during the Holidays. We spend so much time in the kitchen on the daily….we get to enjoy this tree at every meal.

Kitchen Christmas 2019-5What about you, do you put a tree up in your kitchen?

Check out my YouTube video of our Christmas Kitchen 2019 HERE. The family room and foyer are coming up next! Stay tuned!

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7 thoughts on “Christmas Kitchen Tour 2019

  1. Absolutely gorgeous Denise!! These are my very favorite colors (or non-colors.) And your kitchen is stunning! LOVE the conversation area by the mantel – that would be such a perfect place to hang at a party. I’m just going to keep coming back and sighing over that lovely tree all day! Thanks! 🙂

    1. So glad you like it Barbara! The kitchen is our hub…we spend so much time in it!! It has to be nice and cozy. I really like the 4 chairs around the fireplace 🙂 I may keep it like that. The room where these chairs use to be, will be where the bar is set up…it’s a big bar 😉

    1. Thank you so much, you are too sweet. It’s all coming together..slowly 🙂 By tomorrow, I should be completely done!

    2. I lo e your most recent blog post about natural elements in nature. I completely agree 🙂 For some reason, I can’t comment or follow your blog?

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