My Not So Decorated Fall Kitchen

Do you decorate your kitchen for Fall? Typically I try to add a touch, but this year it was minimal.

In fact, it was so minimal, it was more of an after thought. This has been such a weird year, at times feeling melancholy and having a weird sense of being “in limbo”. My kids are home 24/7 and life is anything but “normal”. We are adjusting to our “new normal” with a renewed sense of togetherness and making the best of online learning.

Many of you are in the same boat, trying to navigate life with 100% distance learning for our kids. Some children do well in this environment but many do not. This whole situation is incredibly difficult and many other aspects of our lives are suffering. But I try to think of the advantages of this situation, the togetherness of our family, the massive amount of sleep we are getting, and the ability to enjoy our homes more than ever. I hope you are also doing well and looking on the bright side of this very weird year.

I have not had much time to blog these days with the kids at home, but trying my best to get relevant content to you as quickly as possible. Many home projects are keeping me very busy as well, like our pool and pool house build.

My Minimal Fall Kitchen

Keeping our kitchen clean and tidy with everyone at home has been challenging.

This is a rare view of our kitchen island completely clean and free of papers, books, and laptops. Pretty pink hydrangeas I purchased for a friends birthday grace the island. That is the extent of my Fall kitchen decorating – more of an after thought.

As a home decor blogger, I want to inspire you to create a beautiful and comfortable home. But I also realize that we are not always in a situation to do that…and it’s ok. We don’t have to be perfect all the time and that doesn’t mean we are failing….it just means life is getting in the way. We may not have the resources to improve our homes…that is ok too. Things will get better. We are doing the best we can. As long as we have a roof over our heads, food in our belly, and are together – we are doing great!

Flowers bring me joy and brighten my day. Having a simple container with a few flowers is all I need this year in the kitchen. A candle burning, the smell of pumpkin in the oven, and cooler temperatures make me happy too. Looking for smaller joys these days when life, at times, seems to be spiraling out of control.

How I am Handling Stress

Daily exercising has also helped me greatly handle the stress of life. Losing weight has been a great mood booster as well, especially as we approach the holiday season. Staying active is so important to our mind and body but can be challenging the more we are at home.

If you are looking for other activities to stay busy, you may want to check out 20 Things to do at Home with Extra Time on Our Hands.

Other Happenings at Happy Haute Home

I compiled my favorite recipes for you, as turkey day is fast approaching. Have you seen my Thanksgiving Day Recipes? Don’t worry and stress about what to make, I have you covered.

How are you handling our crazy world these days, what do you do to stay centered an in control? Drop me a line, would love to hear from you.

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6 thoughts on “My Not So Decorated Fall Kitchen

  1. I just put my indoor fall decorations up this week, a whole month into fall. Now that the cooler weather is here it makes it more cozy feeling. Your kitchen is lovely, love the glass cupboards. Is that a big oven beside your fridge?

    1. Enjoy those Fall decorations Joni. It really feels like it here, we are anywhere between 40 – 70 degrees on any day. I have a countertop oven in addition to the large double ones. Comes in real handy…I use it every day. It’s a toaster/convection/oven all in one!

      1. LOL, you’re so cute Joni! I’m afraid my cooking skills aren’t quite up to Food Network standards but I appreciate the compliment!

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