20 Things to do at Home with Extra Time on Our Hands

Here I am writing a post about things to do at home when bored, something I never thought about writing until recently. Then again I never thought our country would completely shut down…but that also happened….

We will get through this and we are doing great! We are being compliant, we are staying home and we are making a difference. There are encouraging results coming out of Italy, we know how horrific this time has been for that part of the world and their people. Our hearts go out to the many who have lost their lives, we will never forget you. We are helping to save lives by staying at home. Rest assured friends, we will get through this and we will continue to fight because that is what we do.

Front porchIn the meantime, while we are at home with our families looking for things to do, I prepared a list of things to occupy our time and improve our lives. These things either improve our home, build family ties, support our local community, or improve our body and mind.

  1. Prepare flower beds for Spring
    • Pull weeds
    • Plant new bulbs
    • Mulch
  2. Play a Board Game
  3. Cleaning for Spring and sorting home items for donations or selling
    • Closets
    • Garage
    • Kids toys
  4. Do your taxes
  5. Plan your next home improvement project
  6. Decorate for Spring
    • Change pillow covers
    • Bring out seasonal decor
    • Decorate with flowers
  7. Support a Local Business
    • Buy a gift card
    • Order take out or delivery
  8. Exercise
    • Start a new routine
    • Lift weights
    • Do floor exercises
  9. Work on a Puzzle
  10. Prepare a New Recipe you have never tried
    • Bake something new like homemade bread
    • Try a new drink recipe
  11. Pamper your Pooch
    • Give your dog a bath
    • Go for a long walk
  12. Binge watch a new series
  13. Work on home maintenance
  14. Spend time outside
    • Take a walk
    • Bar-be-que
    • Go for a bike ride
  15. Facetime your family and friends
  16. Rearrange your home
    • Furniture
    • Kitchen cabinets
    • Pantry
  17. Read a blog like Happy Haute Home 😉
  18. Throw an indoor party
    • Picnic
    • Tea party
    • Special dinner and dress up
  19. Pull out those arts and crafts that have been collecting dust
  20. Plan a Spa day at home
    • Paint your nails,
    • Give yourself a facial
    • Have a bubble bath
    • Wash your make ups brushes

Many of us are at home with our children. Several of the items listed can be done with kids, they are bored too and looking for things to do. We never thought we would actually be home schooling our kids, did we? Not by choice that is 😉

A friend on mine posted this the other day that really got me thinking what a special time in history this is for us and our families, let’s make the most of it.





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16 thoughts on “20 Things to do at Home with Extra Time on Our Hands

  1. Denise, loved your list & it is very similar to ours. We are doing “multi-generational” spring cleaning & it is really fun to do it together. Hope your Mother & Father are doing well. Keith & Alicia are really pampering us which we appreciate but do long to go to a store of two!! Stay safe & hope you finish your list. Lexi’s list was four pages of things to do, Jackson had three items!!!

    1. Hi Donna! it’s quite a list isn’t it? If I get to half of these things…it will be a miracle! Mom and dad are in their new home, doing ok but no visitors allowed…for their own safety of course. I like that Lexi and Jax have a list!! My kids are working off mine 😉 Stay safe Donna!! This will all end soon an we be enjoying the beautiful Spring weather!!

  2. Oh Denise – that’s beautiful! And I love your list! How I wish I was at home too – but the critical infrastructure must continue, so I’m disinfecting everything all the time! I’m so glad you’re making wonderful memories with your family! Thanks for all the encouragement and great ideas! 💗

    1. Yes, me too. Ours are awful!!! So overtaken with weeds. I bought some new boxwoods today, hope to plant those this weekend. Enjoy your time outdoors, it’s so good for our minds to spend time outside

    1. Hi Lynn! We are. Getting quite bored at home though but we know it’s for the best. How are you?

  3. Great list, but I have a question. I have heard that you should not use the new type furnace filters as the cause a strain on the furnace and that the cheaper old type work just as great. I am not sure which is right.

    1. Maybe try asking your furnace technician on the best type to use for your particular furnace. I think they differ so much and I don’t think there is a one size fits all for filters. Thanks for dropping in Geri

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