Winter Foyer Decor Ideas, Tips and Tricks

Since we gave our foyer a mini renovation, I have loved designing and creating pretty table displays.Last year, we embarked on phase one of a foyer makeover and so far I am loving the new look. Adding a table to the space has allowed me to create fun seasonal looks that bring warmth to our foyer. On a side note..phase two isn’t happening anytime soon, as we are very focused on our outdoor project.

I invite you to view our Winter Foyer on my Youtube channel for an in depth video of how I designed the space with before and after video. Please forgive my editing skills…as I am still learning a whole new world!

January has been a tough month for our family. My parents are struggling with COVID which they caught it in their assisted living facility. Even with no visitor regulations, the virus still made its way inside, most likely brought in by staff. Please keep them in your prayers. I find that keeping busy has helped me deal with the situation, when my body is busy…my mind is busy thinking of other things which keeps it from wandering into dark places. Having a pretty home and decorating makes me happy..I hope it makes you happy too. I pray you are safe as well from the virus and staying healthy.

Daytime Winter Foyer

Using many elements from my Christmas decor, I created a Winter space that feels cozy.

My winter florals are still a staple in our home. I am using the flowers that I had on our trees this past Christmas and will keep them out until early Spring. White magnolia stems and poinsettias are the perfect neutrals for the space.

A single anemone stem sits center stage in a bud vase. The space feels bright during the day and serene in the evenings.

Nightime Winter Foyer

When the soft glow of the lamps comes on at dusk, I feel a sense of calm.

Bringing is warm toned elements such as lamps adds the perfect glow to the space.

Flickering drippy candles create a romantic atmosphere and glass candlesticks add elegance.

My sweet friend gifted me this picture. I love using framed art propped up on a stand to create a focal point.

My favorite ginger jar holds winter florals and creates height in the space.

Our foyer table is rather large (similar for less), but you can create the look with smaller tables like this one HERE, HERE and HERE.

The marble and gold tray is a pretty addition to the table and adds another level of texture and layering.

Bentley is always at my side and loves to be in photos 🙂

Skirted chairs like these for less, were being used in my dining room, but I am loving them in the foyer!

What do you think about the space? I am really liking the addition of the chairs and the Winter elements. Hope you do too! Thank you for visiting and hope you are all staying safe.



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6 thoughts on “Winter Foyer Decor Ideas, Tips and Tricks

  1. Your foyer looks so inviting & will be even more so when we get our big snowfall this weekend!! I am so sorry to hear about your parents, Denise. They will be in my prayers. Are you able to visit them? Did they have to be hospitalized? Sending you good thoughts & so glad you have your home to make you happy & a wonderful, supportive family.

    1. Thanks Donna, makes me happy and keeps me busy 🙂 Unfortunately they are both hospitalized now 😔 and we have had a couple zoom calls. We have not visited in person…sadly. Hope you and your family are staying safe too!

    1. Hi Joni, thank you. It’s been an awful week but we remain cautiously optimistic. Thank you for the sweet compliment.

  2. Oh Denise your foyer is always so lovely, and your winter table is just gorgeous! Especially in the evening! I love white texture more than just about anything – swooning over here my friend!

    1. So glad you like Barbara! The bright white is beautiful as we are getting hit with a big snow storm today and tomorrow! But I will be happy to bring out the pinks soon enough!

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